Skyrocket customer retention

Metrilo combines data and email to create better customer relationships

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How to stimulate repeat sales in the long run?
Are customers loyal to my brand?
How to improve the customer experience?

Monitor the customer lifecycle

Metrilo analyzes your levels of customer retention over time. Our comprehensive historical data analysis shows how products and marketing campaigns influence loyalty and enables you to drive it up with the right messaging at the right time.

"Best tool for cohort analysis to increase your repurchase rate"
An eCommerce founder on G2Crowd

Personalized engagement on autopilot

Laser-focused email marketing forms strong relationships with customers. Establish your brand and stimulate interaction with smart emails triggered on customer actions.

What results to expect during the first 3 months

+67% better Customer Lifetime Value How?
+39% better conversion from emails How?
+48% better Retention Rates How?
+100% more satisfied customers How?

How does Metrilo help you increase CLV?

Shows you which channels and products bring high CLV
Timely offers with personalised promotions
Automated reactivation campaigns for idle customers

How does Metrilo help you increase email conversion rate?

Powerful segmentation allows customized emails
You get behavior and product insights to make relevant offers
Emails triggered by customer actions are accepted better

How does Metrilo help you increase retention rate?

Discovers hesitant buyers and helps you get repeat orders
You’ll know what products and channels bring loyal customers
Retention matrix shows you when to send emails

How does Metrilo work on your customer satisfation?

Automates sending customer feedback score emails
Helps you make meaningful offers at the right time
Email campaigns are based on customer behavior and not spammy

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"Metrilo helps me keep customers close so I need less ads"
An eCommerce founder on Capterra