Meet the people behind your orders with our powerful CRM for Shopify

Metrilo automatically tracks behavior to create personalized customer profiles and unlock more sales

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Know exactly what to sell next with our specialized customer profiles

For each customer, you see their actions on site, contact details, order history, product interaction and revenue, any notes and tags you added, and even device used. So much info that you can engage each customer with the most exclusive marketing there is - truly individual emails.

How the CRM works?

Metrilo tracks customers from their very first visit to your website. When customers sign up, register or buy, then all their tracking information and actions are used to create their customer profile. Every action they take will be added to their profile and you can enrich it with your own data and tags to form a perfect picture of each unique customer.

Build detailed customer profiles that help you sell

The better you know someone, the easier it is to sell to them. For each of your customers, Metrilo’s Shopify CRM builds a detailed view of their actions on your site, their contact details, order history, product interaction and revenue, and even device used. With this rich data view, you can engage each customer with the highest converting marketing there is - truly individual upsell and resell emails.

Use actions to build powerful customer segments

With Metrilo, you can use the actions that people take on your site to create segments for marketing. With over 30 filters and filter combinations that work right out of the box, sales opportunities are at your fingertips. For example, you can easily segment your most loyal returning customers who have not bought in the last month, and build a compelling sales offer just for them.

Dynamic segments

You can save your most lucrative segments for reuse and because Metrilo segments are dynamic, they will always be filled with customers who meets your segment criteria. You can use these specialist segments for remarketing on other platforms like Facebook or send them emails directly from within Metrilo.

Improve your customer experience with feedback

The Customer Feedback Score feature in Metrilo lets you gather feedback from customers with automatic emails. You get to understand them better and provide better experience and products. You’ll know what they want from you as well as what they already love about your Shopify store (to use for more conversions).

Manage your Shopify customers

Save time and make happier customers by managing your customer relationships within Metrilo. Never miss a critical client task again! The task manager allows tasks to be delegated and has notifications, alerts, deadlines to make sure work gets done.

See what our awesome clients say about us...

We've just integrated another e-commerce using @GetMetrilo 5-minutes process. Amazing support. Great product. 23 Dec 2016

Érico Scorpioni @ericoscorpioni

@GetMetrilo Great tool and super easy to integrate. Tried some of Metrilo competition, and this was the only with absolutely none conflict. 05 December 2016 @AirlineShoe

@GetMetrilo clear metrics for ecommerce CRM and marketing automation to sale online 8 Dec 2016

Jose Luis Montesino @jlmontesino

Super impressed with @GetMetrilo ! Setup was silly easy, captured years of data from previous platform, and the tool itself is remarkable. 23 Dec 2016

Zach Bunn @zachbunn


  • Event-based tracking Track customer actions, not just pageviews.
  • Complete customer profiles All your customer data in one place.
  • Add your own tags and notes Searchable and flexible for max effectiveness.
  • Multichannel tracking Identify acquisition source for each session.
  • Instant order status sync Immediately updates status and recalculates revenue.
  • Customer segments Easily save & reach out to specific segments.
  • Live View Real-life monitoring of your website visitors.
  • One-on-one emails Send individual emails based on the profiles.
  • Behavior insights Learn from customers’ interaction with products.
"Before Metrilo, I didn’t know how many loyal customers I have. Now I can even see who those are."
– Louis de Bentzmann, Owner of Yumi
5 min Integration for stores running on