The Ultimate Customer Retention Marketing Hub

Metrilo implements science and data so you can create great personal communication with your clients

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Are you sick of using marketing tools that do not work?

At Metrilo we are trying to stop mass marketing and create a personalized data approach for each customer so every marketer and e-shop owner can boost their customer relationships with the help of our retention platform.

With Metrilo’s retention platform you will gain deeper understanding about what drives your customers’ behavior and what they are willing to do next.

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For us this is the heart of cost-effective retention marketing

It’s partly about knowing when and how to deliver the right message via the right channel. But it is much more about personally knowing every one of your own customers and establishing a relationship with them.

How does Metrilo work for your retention?

Catering to each customer’s unique needs will result in long-lasting relationships between them and your brand.

Through our enterprise grade, cost effective pre-built APIs, plugin, extensions, or custom data feeds, our Retention Marketing Hub seamlessly integrates customer purchase history and transactional data from your eCommerce platform and pushes this information into user friendly dashboard from where you can execute power data-driven, marketing campaigns.

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That's why Metrilo is the best retention marketing platform

Metrilo empowers every shop owner and marketer with the knowledge of how to create and optimize highly effective retention strategies. By autonomously transforming customer data into actionable insights – and focusing on each individual customer’s activities, behaviors and preferences – Metrilo enables new approaches to customer retention automation in one platform.

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Metrilo is an ecommerce retention platform that is focused on boosting your customer lifetime value (CLV) so you can easily sell more with less effort. This will end in upselling your clients and make more proffit.

Personalised Customers Communication is the right choice for every eCommerce store

Metrilo pulls your historical sales data and gives you specialized cohort analyses so you can determine where you currently are. Then it allows your to run extremely personalized email marketing campaigns to boost your customers' experience and turn them into loyal ones.

We give you all client data needed for your retention marketing at the tips of your fingers

  • Campaigns bringing the highest CLV
  • Channel sources of most loyal customers
  • Cohort analysis
  • Time between orders report
  • Product impact on loyalty report
  • Retrospective reports so no data is lost
"I can now easily segment my audience and reach different people with personalized messages. That's the personalization I wanted."
– Nikos Louvaris, Ecommerce Consultant
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