Optimize marketing channels

Accurate view of marketing performance and sales for busy brand owners

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Immediately get answers to the following questions:

Is my marketing bringing enough sales?
What channels should I invest more in?
Is there a problem with my website conversions?

Simple way to see revenue generated by digital activities

Key sales metrics and marketing performance at a glance. See what channels bring you revenue to get the best ROI on your marketing money.

Real-time tracking and a handy dashboard so you always know what’s going on with your online store.

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Accurate sales attribution that requires zero set-up

Metrilo is built for ecommerce sites specifically and has ready integrations with WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento. Our plugin syncs your ecommerce data and gives you reports in real time without slowing down your site. No setup or report building required.

Optimize your product offer

Metrilo tells you what products sell the most and which ones are frequently bought together. Building your brand and developing your own product is easier when you learn directly from your customers.

What results to expect from Metrilo during the first 3 months

30% optimization in marketing resource spent How?
+48% better customer conversion rate How?
+48% better Retention Rates How?

How does Metrilo help marketing optimization?

Matches marketing campaigns with revenue numbers
Gives clear view of long-term return from newly acquired customers
Tracks customer experience on the website to keep conversion rate in check

How does Metrilo increase customer conversion rate?

Analytics tells you what products sell better
Funnel analytics show where people drop-off during their buying experience

How does Metrilo help you increase retention rate?

Discovers hesitant buyers and helps you get repeat orders
You’ll know what products and channels bring loyal customers
Retention matrix shows you when to send emails

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An eCommerce founder on G2Crowd