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Integrating Metrilo with Magento

Metrilo Help Integration Integrating Metrilo with Magento

Integrating Metrilo with your Magento online store is easy. We’ve developed a one-click Magento plugin that inserts the Metrilo tracking code in all the necessary places and also makes it possible to import your previous orders and customers.

Plugin Installation

  1. Get the Metrilo extension key from Magento Connect.
  2. In your Magento administration panel, go to “System” -> “Magento Connect” -> “Magento Connect Manager”
  3. Under Install New Extensions, paste the extension key from step 1
  4. Click Install and then Proceed. Wait until the extension is installed (takes less than a minute).
  5. Log out from Magento admin and then log in again
  6. Go to “System” ->”Configuration” -> “Metrilo Analytics”
  7. Enter your API token and API secret (you can find them in your Metrilo project’s Settings -> Installation)
  8. After enabling the plugin, you should navigate to “System” -> “Cache Management”. In the “Cache Storage Management” table select all checkboxes and apply the “Refresh” action.
  9. Click “Import orders” to sync your historical data with Metrilo.

If you experience any problems or have any questions related to the integration process, simply contact us via our live chat.

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