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Pro Holiday Marketing Hacks for Metrilo Users

Holiday Season marketing seems a bit overwhelming but fear not, we’ve got your back! Our Holiday Season marketing checklist includes all the points you need to pay attention to if you are to break your sales records this Christmas.

Note: Metrilo users will find most things in the checklist extremely easy to execute!Gift Icon

The best part is that Metrilo works with historical data so when you integrate it with your store, it starts showing these reports and insights right away. It doesn’t matter whether or not you were a Metrilo user last Holiday Season (or whenever), it’ll still help you analyze past data and use it in planning your strategy for the future.

Here’s how.

Is your online store ready with holiday marketing? [Checklist]

In ecommerce, holiday marketing can make or break a year’s plan for revenue and growth. How well it’s planned and carried out pretty much decides your yearly result asGIFT the end-of-year shopping craze can drive up to 40% of sales.

The holiday season starts with Black Friday, 24th November this year, and ends well after New Year. During that time, you most probably will see increased traffic and sales, which means more to do. You definitely don’t want to deal with everything at once on the busiest days and lose sales.

So how can you get your holiday marketing streamlined and ready to take the load of the busiest time of the year?

Metrilo’s Official Shopify App is Now Live and Integrates Like Magic

We want to help more Shopify businesses achieve data-driven growth.

That’s why Metrilo solves the complexity of data analysis, email marketing, and eCommerce reporting.

In the same time, we didn’t want to make entrepreneurs who love Shopify for its simplicity and friendliness to spend time on dull integrations instead of focusing on their brand and products.

So we committed to making a magically easy integration with Shopify.

How to send newsletters in Shopify fast and easy

First – good choice, Shopify is an awesome platform for online stores! We love its simplicity, friendliness and the cool vibe it gives.Shopify Newsletters

As for email marketing, you can send some transactional emails from Shopify directly, but unfortunately not newsletters for now. You’ll need a third-party email app that works well with your store.

Pop-up apps for Shopify stores

Email marketing is a crucial part of any online store’s strategy. But to get there, you need an email list. Pop Up Forms Shopify

The best way to build your email list is to capture leads on your site. This way, people know they subscribed for your updates/ newsletter/ offers and interact better with your emails.

The trick is to do the whole thing elegantly – use high-quality tools that work well with your shop and give you control over the customer experience. You don’t want to annoy your subscribers-to-be.

That’s why we gathered the best pop-up providers for Shopify stores. Enjoy!

Up-sell emails for online stores

You’re happy with every conversion you make on your online store, right. It costs you a Upsell Conversion Funnellot of work and marketing money. But are you making the most of every order?

You could – with up-sell emails. You can get larger orders for the same cost of customer. With upsell emails in your email marketing strategy, you’ll be getting the maximum ROI on your marketing.

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