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How to drive Christmas sales AFTER Black Friday

Who said you can only sell on Black Friday?

With the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you might not be very happy with the conversions you get – site went down, quantities run out, your ads went unseen due to low budget, etc. Christmas Shopping

But the Holiday shopping season is far from over and you still have about a month to end the year well.

In this article, we show what you can do to convert those leads you couldn’t on the two big days.

Worry not – here’s how to fix it. You still have a shot with these people. You can address the issues and get those orders – no need to let them go.

Ecommerce tips for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The busiest time of year for online stores has begun and you probably are going crazy. Thanksgiving Promos

To help you plan your online store’s marketing strategy for the holidays faster, we created one plan you can directly steal and implement for your site. We also gathered some cool examples you can use for inspiration.

Tips on choosing a Shopify CRM for your store

Why do you need a Shopify CRM?

All the data in your reports is generated by customers/ visitors. What you see is their behavior on your website and their reaction to marketing activities. That’s why customer insights can be the holy grail in your marketing mix.

Every click on your website, every page they see, the products they browse and purchase. You need this information if you are to truly leverage the power of data.

Connecting your marketing with customer behavior allows you to tailor relevant and timely messaging to drive more sales.

How to craft compelling CTAs for your ecommerce sales funnel

Congrats! Your prospect has found your eCommerce sales funnel, been curious enough to enter it, and has made it all the way to the first finish line – your Call To Action (CTA). CTA button

However, this doesn’t mean they’re definitely going to take the action you want them to.

Without a compelling call to action, your prospect might stumble at the very last moment, have a change of heart and beat a hasty retreat.

It doesn’t matter how certain they were about you and your product up until now, a boring CTA can be a deal breaker.

Let’s take a look at how to craft compelling Calls To Action for your sales funnel.

Why Direct-to-consumer is the future for Ecommerce brands

There’s an emerging change in the retail and services industry. Before you get too excited and start scratching your head, let me tell you it’s nothing new.

It’s the Direct-to-consumer movement, and it’s the darling of the investors.

change direct to consumer model

While it is not a new or a groundbreaking business model, in recent years more and more entrepreneurs and brands in the industry are changing as they see a way to keep their margins for themselves and not share with anyone else (distributors, marketing agencies, etc).

Halloween marketing ideas to try on Instagram

The night of trick and treating is getting close and if your customers celebrate Halloween, you should too. Halloween Advertising

Because we always want to help you create the best holiday marketing campaigns for your online store, here’s a collection of awesome Halloween promotions and campaigns from brands on Instagram. As usual, we dissect them to find what’s cool about them and what works to drive sales.

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