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New Tasks feature in Metrilo

Teamwork in Metrilo just got easier with our new feature: tasks.

Another CRM improvement

Last month, we released a Customer Feedback Scoring feature so that you can get business improving feedback directly from your customers.

This month, we wanted to tackle improving workflows and saving you time by managing work directly with your customer data in Metrilo.

With so much data to act on, it’s good to have a place in the CRM where you and your teammates can keep track of what needs to be done for individual customers.

Ecommerce conversion rate fix: stop funnel leaks

Once you have an online business going, you may think at first that all you need to do now is sit back and watch the money rolling in. Ecommerce Funnel

However, ecommerce is no different than traditional businesses in that you still have to monitor everything and improve constantly. It’s certainly not passive income.

Finding ways to make things better and earn more revenue is about figuring out two things—what’s broken and what can be improved. It can be hard, though, because not all things in ecommerce are so obvious.

How Native went from $0 to a $100 Million acquisition by Procter & Gamble in 2.5 years

The Metrilo team was having a meeting about Black Friday and the madness we had to prepare for. Unscented.png 400x659

I got a message from a friend that made my heart skip a beat and the meeting went to hell.

The TechCrunch article was about one of our most engaged customers – Moiz Ali. He had just sold his company, Native, to Procter&Gamble for a $100M in cash.

I might’ve shouted fuck yeah in the office. I was wildly excited. I was damn proud.

Ecommerce Retention Marketing

Ecommerce is booming, getting new customers is getting harder and pricier.AARRR Framework Retention

How do you grow in cut-throat competition? You work with what you already have – and paid for!

You do retention marketing to make more sales to your existing customers. Here’s how.

Product update: Dynamic abandoned products block in emails

We know you want to personalize your emails as much as possible, especially the cart recovery emails.

Now, you’re able to send customized abandoned cart emails that include links to the specific products customers abandoned.

This way, you’re making it even easier for them to go back and finish the order. Abandoned cart recovery gets more and more effective!

Picking the right Magento CRM platform

Most people choose Magento for its ability to handle large shops – many products, lots of events being generated. It also means lots of customer data. Magento Crm Extension

Actually, your customer data is what you should be working with every day. To do next-level marketing. To grow your ecommerce business.

Magento’s great for supporting large stores, but it’s not exactly marketing-oriented. For best results, we recommend you use a CRM tool to help you organize client data and use it to drive sales.

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