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This is a blog on ecommerce tips, digital marketing and entrepreneurial inspiration. We hate fancy talk as much as you do. We just want to help you run your online store better.

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To buy or not to buy? How to use data to convert hesitant shoppers

Looking for any way to squeeze more sales? Maybe you’re neglecting one group of customers that could send some cash your way if you only paid attention to them.

What are you doing about your indecisive shoppers, Convert Hesitant Customerspeople who browse your shop a lot but don’t buy?

Yes, there are ways to make them finally place an order and you’re missing out on a golden opportunity here.

12 Must Have Magento Extensions That will Make Your Life Easier

Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform by default and that’s why it is so widely used by online entrepreneurs from around the world, but one challenge that many Magento store owners face is the complexity of the platform.

The fact that Magento is, and has been, dedicated to keeping the platform open-source has enabled many independent developers to tackle Magento’s complexity by creating different extensions.

25 digital marketers and store owners share their experience with eCommerce newsletters

In times when paid traffic is getting too expensive (and hard to measure) and audiences are drowned in a flood of influencer social updates, we’re rethinking some good old marketing tactics in an attempt to find the balance between cost and effectiveness.Email Newsletters In Ecommerce

One such classic eCommerce marketing tactic is the email newsletter. It’s free to send and uncontrolled by anyone but you in contents.

It seems like the perfect platform for actively engaging customers, building a brand and communicating offers without the hawking eye of the competition.

18 Must-have Shopify apps for any Shopify store

In Ecommerce, you can’t sit back and relax – there’s always something new to optimize, something more to do to drive sales.
must have shopify apps

To help you on this quest, we compiled this list of must have Shopify apps for a successful online store. They might not be the household names, but they work.

We say it because we talk to eCommerce entrepreneurs like you every day.

Customer segmentation in eCommerce: how to do it and how to use it

13 customer segments you can identify and tailor your marketing messages for

You hear over and over that you should not be doing one-size-fits-all marketing but segmenting customers and tailoring messages instead.Customer Segmentation


Because segmenting customers based on their behavior eliminates the guesswork – they literally show you what marketing works with them so you can just replicate it and get results.

Ecommerce marketing strategy: 26 ways to grow

No matter the stage of your business, you’re always looking for better ways to drive more sales. Let me ask you – how thorough is your marketing strategy? How well-planned?

In this article, we offer you a complete overview of how toMarketing Audit plan a marketing strategy for an online store. Plus, we talk about the different marketing activities you could have based on the focus of your strategy – more customers, better retention, exponential referrals or larger orders.

Having an eCommerce marketing strategy gives you an edge over the competitors because it focuses your efforts and gets you where you want to be with your online store.

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