Tasks Feature Update

New Tasks feature in Metrilo

Teamwork in Metrilo just got easier with our new feature: tasks.

Another CRM improvement

Last month, we released a Customer Feedback Scoring feature so that you can get business improving feedback directly from your customers.

This month, we wanted to tackle improving workflows and saving you time by managing work directly with your customer data in Metrilo.

With so much data to act on, it’s good to have a place in the CRM where you and your teammates can keep track of what needs to be done for individual customers.

Our Ecommerce CRM’s new function

Add a task is directly in a customer profile – there are always specific things like a follow-up or a refund to remember that are associated with one customer only and it makes sense to have them in their profile.


In the new Tasks tab, you see all tasks – no need for an external tool to manage your to-do list.

Also, dump general things to do that pop in as you go through Metrilo reports here and you will keep track of all your findings and ideas for next steps.

Update abandoned cart message, create a new campaign for loyal customers, print out more coupon inserts for packages and so on…

Easy and saves time!


Of course, you can delegate to your teammates (or get delegated to :)).

Assigning individual tasks to other people in your project and setting deadlines happens literally with a click.

We’re proud of the simple and effective design that stimulates you to get the job done without breaking your focus. It’s like the notebook we all like to jot down notes, only digital.

To help you do everything you need, though, there’s an urgency factor: color coding alerts of tasks close to due date. You get in-app notifications as well.

We’re happy to take Metrilo one step closer to being a complete platform from where you can manage your whole ecommerce marketing.


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