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What’s new in the eCommerce marketing field and what developments you can expect.  Trends that shape theCommerce business and entrepreneurs should prepare for.

Top Ecommerce trends to expect in 2019

At this time of year, you probably do two things: get ready for the holiday shopping season and wonder what the next year is going to be.

We were curious, too, so we compiled a list of the most anticipated trends for the near future of online retail and brands.

If we have to sum it all up: 2019 will be a year of ecommerce going even techier if that’s possible 😀

How to prepare your eCommerce site for flipping

Ecommerce continues to be an exciting field.

It’s growing constantly. More and more people are realizing how with a little sweat and hard work they can start an eCommerce business to support their dream of living flexibly and free. Sell Website

eCommerce continues to cut into the market share of traditional retail shopping, and it’s likely this trend will continue.

But while eCommerce businesses are growing and expanding all the time, there’s another part of the industry that is also gaining in prominence: website flipping.

5 Tips to prepare your ecommerce site for the mobile-first index

As we move through 2018, the importance of preparing your site for the mobile-first index grows every day. Mobile First Google Change

Since the announcement of the move to the mobile-first index way back in November 2016, SEO forums have been awash with comment and speculation about the rollout.

Whilst no fixed date has yet been set, there seems no doubt that the move is imminent and that Google is in fact already rolling this out, although very softly, to specific sites around the world.

Despite the long notice period, there are still so many sites out there who have yet to ‘prepare’ for the rollout, meaning a lot of scrambling could lie ahead.

For ecommerce sites, the job of preparing for the mobile-first index is often much bigger than information-led sites. With hundreds, thousands and possibly millions of product pages, ensuring that those pages are just as crawlable, indexable and ultimately as ‘rankable’ on mobile as they are on desktop is a huge task.

Selling on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest: Stats

Social shopping, social commerce, shopping on social, social buy buttons, native shopping experiences, in-app purchases – whatever you choose to call it, the Buy buttons on social media are here and there’s already information how they’re doing.

As a merchant, you either already use them or plan to. It’s Buy It Buttonthe quickest way from discovering a product to checkout. Because it’s so easy, social platforms and retailers both hope it will stimulate more sales.

New this week: Google’s changing eCommerce in 2016

In our predictions article on what to expect in the industry in 2016, we mentioned mobile content and content saturation as key trends. Content saturation is becoming a problem and people are increasingly looking for short and clear answers to their search questions instead of links to websites that might answer them.

Mobile content, on the other hand, is the only way to get people on the go. You have to be place- and time-relevant to manage to grab them.

One of the largest players is signaling we were onto the right track. Different mobile search results have arrived that are both a partial solution to content saturation and a way for organizations to provide mobile content.

E commerce Trends 2016, Week 16th

Each week, we choose the most important e commerce trends – events and news – and comment on how they influence your business.Ecommerce Trends 2016

We do it with your limited time in mind and highlight just enough to keep you up to date with current trends in the field to run your business smoothly.

So what happened this week that matters?

A new provider for the enterprise omnichannel e commerce emerged, Magento launched a new marketplace and marketplaces in Southeast Asia begin challenging Alibaba’s expansion while it snuggles up to Australia and New Zealand.

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