Ecommerce Weekly Bundle

Metrilo’s weekly resource pack for eCommerce. Original case studies, in-depth articles, guides, and more.

Ecommerce Bundle [May 10th]

We know you read so much because you have to. It helps you run your business better. You’re curious and that’s what is driving you forward. To feed your curiosity, but not take too much of your time, we chose to focus on practical examples in this week’s Ecommerce Bundle.

Ecommerce Bundle [May 3rd]

This week’s Ecommerce Bundle is like a piñata – packed with sweet treats to brighten up your daily hustling :) A dose of knowledge, an infusion of good ideas, a spoonful of effectiveness for your business. Enjoy responsibly.

Ecommerce Bundle [April 26th]

We’re so excited that this Ecommerce Bundle is turning into a weekly tradition! We wanted to be next to you on your ecommerce journey – and here is yet another issue of the bundle, written with love and curated with your daily business pains in mind.

This week we have prepared for you:

Ecommerce Bundle [April 19th]

It’s Tuesday again and we’re happy the fresh edition of our Ecommerce Bundle is ready for you to enjoy.

We hope at least one of the articles help you have a productive and profitable week.

As our tradition goes, here’s what we have lined up for you:

Ecommerce Bundle [April 12th]

Hey, awesome! The Ecommerce Bundle by Metrilo is getting serious! The third issue is packed with more useful resources than ever.

We had a wonderful week interviewing eCommerce entrepreneurs like you and compiling fresh articles that we hope come handy and insightful.

As always, in the bag of goodies you can find:

  • actionable advice on the daily pains of eCommerce,
  • an original case study on how data analytics help businesses grow,
  • and commentaries on current e-commerce news and trends.

Ecommerce Bundle [April 5th]

‘Yello! The second Ecommerce Bundle by Metrilo is here!

As we promised you last week, we plan on making it the weekly bag of goodies for your eCommerce business. It’s freshly produced by our team and features:

  • actionable advice on the daily pains of eCommerce entrepreneurs,
  • original case studies on how data analytics help businesses grow,
  • and commentaries on current e-commerce news and trends.
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