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What’s trending in the online retail world? The latest ecommerce news with commentaries how they affect you, the merchant.

Ecommerce CRM vs Standard CRM: Which is the one for you?

You know about CRM software and maybe considered getting to use one. Ecommerce is an unique and booming industry, and software solutions are fighting for your attention.

But what will it give you and how to choose it? Big and small software providers with general or niche solutions… Let us help you.

New this week: Google’s changing eCommerce in 2016

In our predictions article on what to expect in the industry in 2016, we mentioned mobile content and content saturation as key trends. Content saturation is becoming a problem and people are increasingly looking for short and clear answers to their search questions instead of links to websites that might answer them.

Mobile content, on the other hand, is the only way to get people on the go. You have to be place- and time-relevant to manage to grab them.

One of the largest players is signaling we were onto the right track. Different mobile search results have arrived that are both a partial solution to content saturation and a way for organizations to provide mobile content.

Trends in ecommerce: Shopify and Alibaba with New Opportunities

We enjoy curating the most important trends in eCommerce for the week and add our view how it affects you as players in the game :) Trends In Ecommerce

When we’re preparing each new digest, we like to imagine you enjoying it with a cup of coffee or beer. We hope it’s as informational and useful as we intend it to be.

This week we comment on updates from Shopify and Alibaba.

Analytics for WooCommerce: Highlights from WooConf 2016

Recently, we started a series of articles on the analytics for WooCommerce businesses use and rely on in an attempt to determine what is important across product niches and how an analytics platform like ours can help for driving growth in e-commerce.Woocommerce Conference

So far we’ve talked with a mature coffee selling business, an up-and-coming healthy lifestyle player, and the newly-born fresh seafood delivery about the analytics they employ as WooCommerce stores at different growth stages to drive their business forward.

*Why WooCommerce? Because more than 37% of all eCommerce sites run on it.

E commerce Trends from Etsy, Amazon and Facebook

What are the major e commerce trends this week that Ecommerce Trends 2016focused public attention?

We’ve summed them up here and given our take – whether you want it or not. :)

New platform opportunity, new payment processing option, and a feature better including visually impaired people in the social network experience – what a great week!

Can Face Recognition Become a Major eCommerce Trend?

Trends To FollowEach week, we’re going to share with you our take on an important current eCommerce trend. Amazon is very close to unrolling facial authentication for completing purchases.

Basically, it will be like a password or Touch ID for completing a purchase.

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