Data-driven ecommerce marketing

How to get and rely on accurate data in ecommerce marketing, and how to turn that data into sales.

Boost customer retention with cohort analysis

Cohort analysis sounds so complicated and so boring. Isn’t it big-player stuff, one of those reports prepared for board meetings that no-one cares about? Do you need a data geek to do it? Cohort Analysis For Retention

Fortunately, no, no and no.

It’s actually a fun exercise for you as an ecommerce marketer that paves the way for meaningful customer retention marketing. And it doesn’t need to be a pain the a**.

Ecommerce conversion rate fix: stop funnel leaks

Once you have an online business going, you may think at first that all you need to do now is sit back and watch the money rolling in. Ecommerce Funnel

However, ecommerce is no different than traditional businesses in that you still have to monitor everything and improve constantly. It’s certainly not passive income.

Finding ways to make things better and earn more revenue is about figuring out two things—what’s broken and what can be improved. It can be hard, though, because not all things in ecommerce are so obvious.

Data-driven marketing for eCommerce

It’s very trendy to talk about data-driven marketing. Everybody’s claiming it’s the way of Ineffective Marketingthe future and almost everybody’s doing it.

Or are they?

Data-driven marketing is one of those buzzwords that sound awesome and intimidating at the same time. It looks like it’d make you millions, but people can’t exactly explain what it is.

The step-by-step guide to creating buyer personas for your eCommerce brand

Not every buyer looks the same, but boy do they act similarly in many cases.

You know, it’s people shopping at 2 a.m. or the same three products getting ordered Customer Profiletogether again and again.

You can see it when your marketing knocks it out of the park and your order forms are slammed.

You also see it when messaging misses the mark and you get snarky comments online, or a new product launch falls flat.

It’s right there in your gut but hasn’t yet made its way to the calculation center in your brain.

It’s time to take that ethereal knowledge and turn it into something that’ll help in your reality.

It’s time to create the buyer personas that your ecommerce brand needs.

How to drive Christmas sales AFTER Black Friday

Who said you can only sell on Black Friday?

With the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you might not be very happy with the conversions you get – site went down, quantities run out, your ads went unseen due to low budget, etc. Christmas Shopping

But the Holiday shopping season is far from over and you still have about a month to end the year well.

In this article, we show what you can do to convert those leads you couldn’t on the two big days.

Worry not – here’s how to fix it. You still have a shot with these people. You can address the issues and get those orders – no need to let them go.

Ecommerce tips for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The busiest time of year for online stores has begun and you probably are going crazy. Thanksgiving Promos

To help you plan your online store’s marketing strategy for the holidays faster, we created one plan you can directly steal and implement for your site. We also gathered some cool examples you can use for inspiration.

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