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Who is it for? How did we work it out? How to use it and what to expect?



Starting your brand with the right foundation is vital to its success. In this step, we guide you through the Fundamentals that need to be in place before you try to grow or even launch.



Going to market without proper product-market fit can be a huge waste of resources. In this step, we guide you through the complete process of product validation so you are 100% sure and ready to launch.



Having your Fundamentals and Validation in place is great, but your team needs to be in line with all that goes into the brand to do their job properly. In this step, find how to communicate your brand value, identity and appeal to your team so they manage to broadcast it in their work.


First purchase

Approaching the market and getting the first order from each customer is as hard for DTC brands as for any other ecommerce business. But for DTC it is a strategic step and not the end goal at all. In this part, you will find how to position yourself on the market and how to create the first-purchase experience so it's not the last.



The post-purchase experience is what sets brands like yours from resellers and Amazon. You have the power to become a part of people's lives, not just an invoice. Find out how in this section.



The success of your DTC brand is tied to the loyalty of your customers. You know you're operating in a niche and you have to drive repeat sales continuously because you cannot rely on constant new acquisitions. The last step in our framework outlines the best practices for customer retention for brands investing in the long term.

The benefits of customer retention

Marketing ROIBenefits

Why is customer retention important for DTC brands?

Benefits of customer retention for the business:

  • Not dependant on new customer acquisition to make sales. Orders from existing customers are cheaper or even free which means higher margins and better profitability.
  • Increases the return on initial marketing efforts that brought in those loyal customers.
  • Stable customer base with predictable behavior (e.g. holidays, yearly cycle) so you are able to prepare
  • Predictability in revenue and more secure cash flow
  • Shorter the buying cycle
  • Growth is scalable and more affordable than paid acquisition
  • Good sign of product-market fit
  • Can be the reason for investors to back you with capital

Benefits for your brand:

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